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Pit'sbull Records/DBB(Death By Blowjob) Records
aka my non-hip noisy/experimental labels. Both labels are dead (which means you're just waisting your time by sending demo's etc)

but there's still a lot of stock available that I am unloading cheap, so if interested, get in touch.....

OOP again means out of print.

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Anna Marina (OOP)

v/a Fuck that weak shit vol 1
Fruitcake, NTC, Birdskin, Schwermut Forest (OOP)

First Things First
Second to none
Hawkwind meets Chrome meets Can piece of Krautrock this time done by real Germans & not a bunch of foreigners doing weak imitations

Panty Boy/Drunks with Guns
split (OOP)

Fuck that weak shit vol 2
Clawhammer & Stokastikats (the then band of John McEntire, now much more famous with Tortoise) from USA, Faroutski & Neuthrone from Belgium, Hems from France, Mercury 4 F from Switserland, Captain Nemo from Holland & Splintered from the UK, almost lp length

No Tomorrow Charlie (NTC)
God's Muzak
for almost ten years now these guys been doing what other bands got away with such as Gore, Melvins, Don Caballero...

split dbl7"
Twerdocleb is the jazz-freakout alter ego of some Superconductor guys from Vancouver

You got it (comin')
I was hoping their Matador lp would have made them stars, it didn't, but this still is an excellent completely demented farout little single, it sold a bit but there's still enough copies left for everyone.

UK's top longgoing industrial band, Richo also runs the cool 4th Dimension label

Bunnybrains/BBQ Young
split (OOP)

masters of the sky (OOP)

Unholy Swill
live at the Pit's
for you to believe if that's true or not, in any case I really dug Jim's prank with the extra cheap looking sleeve....totally obnoxious noise, the only band that sounds even shittier than the Mummies?

v/a Fuck that weak shit vol 3
Unholy Swill with another killer, Garment Bladder(a Fruitcake spinoff), Monoshock(again, we got them before everybody else began raving about them) & Designer from Switserland.

v/a Fuck that weak shit vol 4
the very last one : Voodoo Muzak(Fr), Cosmonauts Hail Satan(Uk), Drag King & Mousetrap(usa).Having caught the idea this time I only ran 500 instead of the usual 1000 so this thing might actually get rare some day...

Anal Babes/Brainbombs
a co-release with Demolition Derby.

That was the end of it, no more Pit'sbull Records.I tried my hand at a full length & for that purpose started DBB records, well the full length wasn't exactly succesful but I decided to keep the name & label to continue with little hobbyprojects...

Strangulated Beatoffs
days of our lives lp/cd
No copies left here, but Skingraft in the USA still has it. Contact Mark at

Unnatural selection process
7" (OOP)

Cosmonauts Hail Satan
a beautiful girl like you 7" (OOP)

Mercury 4 F
Tinnitus 7" (OOP)

singlesbox with full 7"s by Slugbait (UK, Splintered offshoot), Bunnybrains (USA) & Voodoo Muzak (France) plus as a free bonus : one old Pit'sbull 7". Came out spring '97 on 300 copies. Over a year later there's still about half of them left, which tells you right away why DBB died a slow death as well & there won't be anything new coming out on DBB. It's time to quit, well actually I should have quit two years earlier, but I had made some commitments to bands & though they had to wait quite a while before I could fulfill them (sorry, Bunnybrains), I did but now it's been enough.