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Demolition Derby started as a singles-only label, so when I tried my hand at albums I thought I needed another label & to remain in the true Scientists spirit, I decided to call it NITRO! Later I found out there was someone else with a lot more money than me, that had a NITRO Records label. Yeah, I know technically it ain't completely the same but I could/can tell that people get confused.

I used the 'NITRO' part also for the catalog numbers, which I'll continue to do & I don't wanna drop it completely cos that'll confuse people even more, so what seemed the best is to refer to the label as 'Demolition Derby/NITRO!'.
Got any better suggestions? You can always let me know.

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Friends in low places 10"(OOP)/CD

The time is now! 10"


Raritease CD only

'Horny & Hungry' LP

'alle 24 goed LP'

'kiss my wheels LP'

it’s too late lp-only

Surfvival of the onbeschofste LP/CD (OOP)

Headin' for Vegas LP

Abscond LP

Sexy & Mysterious LP

Got a crane in my head LP

Get yer ta tas out! LP

Teenage Thunder Revisited! LP

Vice Barons
Friends in low places 10"(OOP)/cd
Top rock&roll instro sounds. Produced by Mike Rosema from the Apemen & recorded on 16 tracks. Excellent soundquality. The 10" has 10 songs, the Cd adds the tracks from the 'Play' ep

Various artists
Shut the gate,Suzy & don't let me in lp/cd
Tracks from out of print 7"s with the New Bomb Turks, Sin Alley, Gaunt, Beavers, Supercharger, Southern culture.. + new tracks from Vice Barons, Gorgons, Perverts, Fabian, Th'lunkheads, Brand of Shame, Hypnomen... lp & Cd version are different.

Sin Alley
Sin Alley photo page, Sin Alley : headin' for Vegas lp (OOP)

The Apemen
Surfvival of de onbeschofste lp/cd (OOP)

Electric Frankenstein
The time is now! 10"(OOP)/lp/cd version is out of print.
They've been called America 's best punkrockband & this release -their debut- has gotten rave reviews everywhere in the world. It features Steve M on vocals, who quit the band for a couple of years but then rejoined them ao for their Victory albums.

Vice Barons
Raritease Cd-only
singlescompilation (OOP)

Various artists
'Seventeen and a half is still jailbait' lp/cd
This is an international punkrock/powerpop compilation with Brand of Shame, Fabian, Grey Spikes, Panty Boy, Boyz nex'door, Basement Brats, Dammit!(ex-BB), Anal Babes, That we Are (another Fruitcake offshoot), the half(1/2) band, los Cacahuetes, Abusers, Electric Frankenstein, NCC, Senor No & Shock Treatment.

Mad Daddys
Get yer ta tas out! lp only
Exclusive vinyl licence of their Flipside Cd. Swank mix of rock&roll, r&b, rockabilly & lots & lots of beer and women. Mad Daddys have been around since the early 80's & have been closely associated with the Cramps (who got their latest bassplayer from the Mad Daddys, one of the songs he wrote is featured on this album)

Vice Barons
Steel blue moods lp version is out of print/cd
R ecorded & produced by the same people who did their first album, there's a lot more variation, couple of surfsongs yeah, but also some really weird songs & a couple downright surprises,actually just any song on the album COULD have been a soundtrack. Incidentally two of the songs from their first record made it onto the soundtrack of the second shortfilm "

NITRO Nicky" from Belgian filmmaker Marco Laguna)

Grey Spikes
Year Zero lp (cd version on 1+2 available too)
Another vinyl licence, this time from the Cd on 1+2 from Japan. The farewell album of this Los Angeles punkrockband. If you dug their D.Derby 7" (& their other releases), you'll find plenty of your liking here, but there's also some more balanced songs, with maybe a Minutemen touch. This is the band of guitarist Tony Fate, who previously played in the early 80's punkband the Sins & these days in the Bell Rays. The Bell Rays have actually covered several Grey Spikes songs from this album on their own records ("stupid fuckin' people" & "chemical"), so here's your chance to check out the originals.

Hot Rod Honeys
'Horny & Hungry' lp
lp only debut album of Belgium's coolest punkrockband around these days. None of that crappy softcore or pooppunk, but real hard hitting punkrock&roll.
As a tribute to their roots, they're including a cover of their fellow-townsmen the Pigz 'Bloody Belgium'.

The Accident
no romance for you lp-only
Ltd ed 500 copies repress now available.Killer '79 KBD Seattle punk.complete discography,many unreleased songs

The Lewd
kill yourself...again dbllp-only
Another worldwide exclusive vinyl version of the cd on Chuckie-Boy records. Yes,we're speaking of THE LEWD, the legendary SF punkrock band of 'Trashcan baby', 'Kill yourself' etc fame. No less than 29 songs,including their American wino lp, compilation tracks as well as about an entire record of previously unreleased tracks/versions. This is the first time in 20 years these tracks have become officially available on vinyl.

Drunks with Guns
s/t lp-only

Mighty Gordinis
kiss my wheels lp/(the cd version on Drunkabilly is sold out)
Surf-punk-hot rod-rock&roll from this new band with strong connections to the Vice Barons. On these recordings you have the ex-VB guitarist & drummer, plus their roadie on bass,supported by Mighty Jack on guitar/vocals. 14 tracks of which half are instro's in the old VB vein (with support from ex-VB Vince on organ on all of the instrumental tracks). The missing link between Ronny & the Daytonas, the Trashmen, Gary Usher & the NY bands of the end of the 70's such as the Ramones, Cramps & Heart- breakers. 14 tracks of

NITRO! injected rock&roll. The band name comes from Amedée Gordini, former race driver, who in the late 70's developed the Renault Dauphine & then the Renault 8, which under Gordini version, became one of the most succesfull rally & racing cars of it's generation.

v/a Alle 24 goed lp

Hot Rod Honeys : kill me now! lp only
Third release from Belgium's most explosive punkrock band. 13 songs, 12 originals & one Misfits cover. Fast, furious & vicious. In short : rock & roll. First 10 orders will get a free copy of the Hot Rod Honeys 'the thrills, the booze.." 7". Also free Hot Rod Honeys bumpersticker with all orders (as long as supply lasts). Order your copy now here!

The Jewws : l'explosion du son de maintenant (the now sound explosion) LP only
Mix equal parts Link Wray, Sonics, Chuck Berry & the Gories & what you get is Texas prime garagepunksurfrock&rollers the Jewws.
Their debut 10" from '99 has been the most played record at the D.Derby HQ for the last 3 years (since I didn't really hear anything else new that could top this 10") so the Jewws simply HAD to release their debut full length on Demolition Derby.Coco from Man or Astroman? assisted with the mix & Tim Kerr wrote the linernotes.15 new originals of which 2 instro's.

The Chronics: It's Too Late LP only
Strong & catchy powerpop à la Real Kids, injected with a healthy dose of punk&roll.This is their debut album & followup to the single they previously did on Ripoff Records in the USA.

Mighty Gordinis : for bosomaniacs only lp
Second album of Belgium's wildest hot rod surf rock&roll gang, the Mighty Gordinis (ex-Vice Barons), featuring among others their best song yet, 'Mustang Driving Woman' with guestvocals by female American blues singer B.J. Scott.
Never change a winning team, so the Mighty Gordinis bring you more of their exciting mix of 70's punkrock, 60's surf & hot rod & 50's rock&roll, a balanced mix of vocal songs & choice instrumentals.

The Leg Hounds : s/t lp
Smokin’ rock & roll/punk rock from the rock hotbed of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Clearly not un-DEVIL DOGS influenced, but, unlike 95% of the bands over the course of the last five years who were clearly not un-DEVIL DOGS influenced, these guys don’t suck. I mean, come on, who else do you know that covers both the Phantom Rats AND Buddy Holly???

The Neurotic Swingers : Art Rats lp
Debut full length of Marseille,France's punkrock kings the Neurotic Swingers,followup to their 10" which got ravereviews all over.Think TV Killers,early New Bomb Turks,Dead Boys,the (French )Dogs (of which they cover 'nineteen' on this lp) Johnny Thunders,Ramones,Saints...,in short kickass rock&roll.

Year zero LP

no romance for you LP-only

kill yourself... again DBLLP-only

's/t LP'

'kille me now!'

l'explosion du son de maintenant

The Chronics - Live


Mighty Gordinis - for bosomaniacs

for bosomaniacs

The Leg Hounds


The Neurotic Swingers

The Neurotic Swingers
Art Rats lp

The Master Plan

The Master Plan
Colossus of Destiny lp only

Morticia's Lovers

Morticia's Lovers
smash the radio lp-only

The Chronics

The Chronics
suggested for mature audiences lp-only

Jet Boys

Jet Boys
Jet Patrol lp-only

The Master Plan : Colossus of Destiny lp-only
Rock&roll supergroup including Andy Shernoff from the Dictators,Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer from the Fleshtones & Paul Johnson of Waxing Poetics. A bit of rootsy-ness, a swig of booziness, and a blast of fun from The Hop. Playful rock & roll with a serious attitude. Make no mistake: this "side project" had to happen, and the boys are in the hands of destiny. 13 tracks, 8 originals, 5 covers (incl Eastern Dark cover), 12 vocal songs, 1 instrumental, 100 % rock&roll

Morticia's Lovers : smash the radio lp-only
their 4th album with previous releases on Mad Driver(it) & Zaxxon(Canada).. 13 (incl a vinyl only bonustrack) pure snooty wild and degenerate punk rock songs, including two great covers of MINOR ’77 CLASSIC SONGS (Dead in the Suburbs from Los Reactors & Alcoholiday from The Kaos) that highlight – if we still need it - in which measure the only real punk rock it’s worth recovering is 77’s.Buzzcocks, Kids, Dickies & Chuck Berry are cheek to cheek but with a revolver in the holster...the perfect album for your next RnRoll party high alchool !

The Chronics : suggested for mature audiences lp-only
followup to their debutalbum "it's too late" which got rave reviews all over.11 tracks,including Bo Diddley & Stooges covers,a bit louder & stronger than their previous material but still with as many catchy hooks.They have been compared to the Heartbreakers,Real Kids,Zeros & Registrators & this album is a perfect mix of all of those.

Jet Boys : Jet Patrol lp-only
Exclusive vinyl version of the Japan-only cd release with new artwork. 17 tracks (incl the "hidden" track).
"Buckle your seatbelts.the Jet Boys are the long-standing dukes of Japanese pervo punk and never fail to impress with their revved up junkie rock and over-the-top graphic identity...a Japanese Mad Magazine punk combo with cool Johnny Thunders guitar licks and damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead attitude....willfully stupid Ritalin rock for you hyperactive children with expense accounts" (JH-MRR May 2004).

MHz : Harness the power! lp-only
MHz audio sample Exclusive vinyl version of the Flying Bomb cd release.
MHz is a powertrio from Michigan including Andy Claydon (Flying Bomb co-label boss & ex-Monarchs) & Don Blum (Von Bondies) mixing up the best parts of the Ripoff sound with the Amrep sound,inserting healthy doses of garage & even including a couple of choice instro's.Imagine a mix of the Chinese Millionaires & Tar or a noise/punk version of Man or Astroman?.
"Wow! Have you ever heard a punk song with a Led Zepplin "whole lotta love" style extendo noise part? Mhz has accomplished that in a three minute tune! But don't think that pigeon holes their sound. They take on all sorts of styles,giving each song it's own identity.They tend to deliver punchy, rhythmic riffs with a Nomeansno styled funky bass.Yeah,that Nomeansno influence comes through,as does that of the Minds and the Minutemen.This excellent disc features all their recordings from 2000 and 2001.Get it!" (HM) Maximumrocknroll

Skip Jensen : Abscond lp-only
Skip Jensen audio sample
Debut album of Canadian one man band Skip Jensen (also in Demon's Claws, Stack o'Lees & Scat Rag Boosters).
13 originals & a cover of Chuck Berry's "promised land",recorded by Edouard Laroque.Skip has previously released 7"s on Yakisakana & Delta Pop Music.
This is without question Skip's best stuff yet!! Flat out wailin' and stompin, riled up and volatile; these songs burn! A soul ripped out, soaked in gasoline then thrown on to barbeque to it's right degree of burntness.(Delta Pop Music website).
cd available through Delta Pop Music,

Neurotic Swingers : sexy & mysterious lp-only
Please Hate me audio sample
35 Hours audio sample
Second full length on Demolition Derby of these French rockers.13 tracks including the first time on vinyl release of the three bonus cuts that appeared on "French Fries...",the compilation cd that Dead Beat released for the Neurotic Swingers first American tour.This is a ltd to 500 vinyl edition of the cd that appears on Lollipop .
This is what the press has to say about the band : "The NEUROTIC SWINGERS are impressive, they know how to write a hook. They sound like the HIVES hanging out with the BRIEFS flipping through old issues of Cream and Sniffin' Glue." - Maximum Rock & Roll
"So many bands attempt this style and fail miserably. Songwriting, musicianship and attitude....these guys have the complete package and more. the songs are catchy, there's some superb lead guitar work and it sounds great on every level." - Fracture UK NOW IN STOCK!

Camaro Rouge : got a crane in my head lp-only
you can find 4 mp3's of the album on their myspace site : Camaro Rouge

Dual female vocals combining the pop sensibilities of the Ponys or Angry Angles with a Headcoatees/A-lines like garagepunk approach & even inserting some cool rockabilly licks & all culminating into the mesmerizing trip of “guttermouth”A great garagepoppunk&roll record.

"Camaro Rouge is a Chicago rock supergroup of sorts: guitarist Sarah S. played in the Dishes and Cherry Rodriguez, Andrea J. used to play her hot pink electric bass in the Drapes, and drummer Arman Mabry is familiar from the Whiteouts and Hamicks. Together they've got a cool punk sound that borders on both metal and garage without picking up any of the bad habits.It's a treat to hear Sarah and Andrea chime in on tag team vocals. You could pick apart their influences all day, but it still comes out of the wash as plain rock n roll- and what's wrong with that. They are tighter than panty hose two sizes too small."

TimeOut Chicago

Jet Boys : Teenage Thunder Revisited lp-only
Their debut album for the first time ever on vinyl! It was reissued on cd in Japan last year & now here is a ltd ed 500 vinyl version including bonustracks & 2 vinyl-only tracks & new artwork from Japan’s kings of punk, the missing link between the Ramones & GG Allin!

Veines : Perdus dans la ville lp-only
"Killer French garage punk trio with a wild, raw sound that’s reminiscent of the classic Rip Off sound. VEINES play fast and feral and it’s got addictive melody that’s fierce and unpredictable. They have an underlying pure punk structure, a really classic punk rock sound of THE GAGS, STALAG, BUZZCOCKS, THE GEARS, THE VIBRATORS, THE ROTTERS, SHOCK etc blended with the raw and distorted garage punk of TEENGENERATE, THE INFECTIONS, THE OBLIVIANS etc…it’s just excellent and I thoroughly recommend this. This is the brazen, kick-in-the-balls punk we need in 2009…it’s just got it all for me: it’s fast, raw and impulsive – this shit makes you want to move. A lot of bands attempt this mix of garage / ’77 punk but fail to nail it as successfully as this…this is white fucking hot and you should know that because it’s on Demolition Derby and they always hit the nail right on the head. Get this, have a party and have some serious fucking fun. Definitely in the running for my record of the year." (No Front Teeth zine)
some tracks of the lp

clip for titletrack

Veines : Bourgeois standard lp-only
Never change a winning team, so more of the same (so we could run the No Front Teeth review again) but still a little different,punque français that hasn't lost it's rebel touch,or "Take bands like The Lurkers and The Kids mix them with some Rip Off Records sounds, put them in France and voilà"(Underground Medicine)
clip for lp track 'Ma zone'

The Gorgons : stuffed delice lp-only
The glorious return of the Gorgons to Demolition Derby,15 years after their “crab cake” ep. Hot on the heels of the issue of their unreleased album “Strip tease” on Hogmaw records,the Gorgons got back together,started playing again (ao at “Go sinner go” festival) and even decided to record an entire album with all new originals “Stuffed Delice”,which Demolition Derby now brings you for your pleasure. The band has lost nothing of their magic touch,they still mix the highlights of “Born Bad” with “Desperate Rock&Roll”,or a lot of Headcoatitude,tons of Cramps-a-billy and some wild instromania. The Gorgons previously also had releases on Dionysus,Weed and Vendetta Records.